Terms & Conditions


Customization of your goalie

You can customize your CAISSY goalie with your organization’s logo or an inscription tailored to your needs and inspiration.

Any person or organization that requests a customization must prove that they possess the rights to use the content. CAISSY Inc. reserves the right to decline any customization that requires the use of an image or inscription if it is deemed inadequate.


Three options are available to you to add your logo to a CAISSY goalie:

    1. Incorporate your logo in the middle of the goalie’s shirt OR
    2. Incorporate your logo on the forehead of the goalie’s mask OR
    3. Incorporate your logo in the middle of the shirt AND on the forehead of the goalie’s mask.

Inscription or other visual

An inscription or visual can be incorporated exclusively on the CAISSY goalie’s shirt.


After having received your file (logo or inscription) in high-resolution PDF format, an estimate and feasibility confirmation will be sent by our team.

Pro Series: Our team must adapt your file depending on available engraving tools. This will bring a high level of detail and close-to-reality finish. A drawing will be sent for approbation. Your approbation is required before we can proceed.

Amateur Series : Your file will be used as is. A drawing will be sent for approbation. Your approbation is required before we can proceed. Your logo will be directly integrated to the printed film that covers the goalie.



Your satisfaction is our priority

Modification or cancellation or your order

We invite you to contact us immediately if you wish to modify or cancel your order.

It is possible to modify or cancel a recent order if it is still being processed. Unfortunately, if your order is completed or has shipped, it is not possible to modify of cancel it. In this case, you will have to return the product.

It is not possible to modify an order online.


If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 15 days following the reception of the product.

The product must be intact and in its original packaging. A proof of purchase is required (receipt number or order number).

No refund or exchange will be granted for customized products or goods purchased from other retailers.

Damaged or defective products

We understand that incidents or defects can occur. It will be our pleasure to repair or exchange any defective goods within 90 days after the date of purchase, with a proof of purchase (receipt number or order number).

In the case of damage or defects, the process can be accelerated by providing us with a digital image of the damage or defect (with a clear description of the problem) in an email sent to our customer service at info@caissy.com.

In most cases, the repair or replacement can be initiated as soon as we receive those documents.

If damage or defects cannot be verified by phone or email, the product must be returned to CAISSY Inc. for inspection before a decision can be made regarding its condition.

Return costs

CAISSY Inc. will cover the cost of shipping for returns in the case that the product was damaged or defective when delivered or if it is confirmed defective by a CAISSY Inc. representative. The client must contact our customer service to know how to proceed to return the good. Write to us at info@caissy.com.

For any exchange or return without any damage or defect, the return costs are the responsibility of the client.



CAISSY Inc. takes pride in its products: we provide a warranty against any structural failure, abnormal degradation or manufacturing defect that would prevent it from being used.


Hardware has a lifetime warranty against rust.


Equipment and pieces are not under warranty if they are the subject of vandalism, abusive use or inadequate care.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic defects such as scratches, dents, discoloration and normal deterioration of the product.



A CAISSY goalie requires a minimum of inspection and care. CAISSY Inc. recommends regular visual inspections of the pieces, a verification of the tightening of the nuts, and a validation of the proper functioning of the anchors.

The anchors were conceived to be used on the ice. In order to preserve the anchors, do not manoeuvre the CAISSY goalie on concrete or any other rough surface while the anchors are activated (positioned towards the bottom).