CAISSY Corp. inc. created innovative, self-supporting goaltenders with realistic proportions that accurately recreate openings in front of the net.

Placed in any position in front of the net, this piece of hockey equipment allows users to replicate all possible scoring angles.

In the absence of a “human” goaltender, players can improve:

  • Visual acuity
  • Shot reflexes
  • Precision

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above all,
it's a game!

CAISSY Corp. inc. also designed goaltenders for residential or school (gymnasium) use.

Amateur Series goaltenders allow hockey players to practice their favorite sport even if there is no “human” goaltender on hand.

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Caissy Goaler 3D

Ready for
a revolution in
your hockey practice?

CAISSY goaltenders will become must-haves during your hockey practices and to help improve your performance as a scorer.

Download the exercise guide

View the goaltenders


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